Episode 28: 40th Birthday, Elder, Bonds and Equality

Clay and Skye at 40th B-Day Well folks I just turned 40 and my only rumination about that is that it’s nothing.

More important are a few thoughts I had about being an Elders Quorum President, some thoughts from Terry Warner from the preface of his book Bonds that Make Us Free, and how we might falsely consider that we’re either better than others or not as good, when in reality, as Aunt Eller from Oklahoma says, “I don’t say I’m better than anybody else, but I’ll be [danged] if I ain’t just as good.”

I did have a very fun big birthday bash, thanks to my wife, who arranged a big surprise birthday party in the form of a concert where I turned out to be the performer along with my sister Skye who secretly had flown into town. You see the pictures and when you listen, you hear some of the music. Enjoy.

Episode 27: Terry, Flannery O’Connor, and Crash Course on a Jog

flannery o'connor Come on my jog with me! More on Terry Warner, a little about a remarkable writer named Flannery O’Connor, and some on another book I read about the American auto industry’s history, called Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry’s Road to Bankruptcy and Bailout-and Beyond. Mostly dysfunctional story, like anything else I guess, with some triumphs mixed in. Flannery is brilliant, if a little dark, for me. I’ve only “read” (on audio book) one of her works.

Tah Tah, hope you like the music.

Episode 26: Terry Warner and Neat Kid Music

gyroscope operation The Long awaited time has come to introduce you to the thoughts of a phenomenon of a remarkable man and thinker, Terry Warner (aka C Terry Warner), who has pioneered thought into the causes of what I’ll call maladaptive behavior, namely self-deception, which happens as an effect of, or really is an integral part of, self-justification. Just an intro here but I intend to speak more on it in the future.

My neat music for this episode comes from a project I’ve been wanting to complete for a while and which I finally have, which is a collection of family music that will make great bedtime music for kids, which I’ve distributed on CD’s to all the kids in my family–I mean my siblings and their kids. Most of this music is unpublished anywhere else, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment!

Episode 25: Joseph Moody Pt.2 and Some Neat Music

gyroscope operation I found my actual notes from the dinner with Joseph Moody, so here’s some more on that, plus additional thoughts on spinning discs and gravity/acceleration.

And of course some neat music–first one of my favorite things to play on the piano, and at the end a fun song we did which you should really see the video for at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1SV3yYvaU8.

Episode 24: Joseph Moody went Down to the River to Pray

Joseph Moody Folks! I actually got to talk to a physics professor about the gravity/acceleration thing and you’ll see what I found out!

Plus some good music as always. Ends with a recording of “Down to the River to Pray” with myself, Aubrey Nielsen and my daughter Owa. Hope you enjoy.

This is a video podcast as well as audio. If you’re just subscribed to the audio, check out shouldbefamous.com for the video.

Episode 23: Gurian Repair Fund

Clayton holding Taylor, Gurian in Background Hear some music made up on the fly. . .and dialogue made up on the fly as well. Learn about truss rods in guitars and b-strings (B-strings)–all right here on the Should Be Famous Podcast!

Episode 22: Time After Time

Courtney came up with a lovely acoustic guitar cover of Lindy Cauper’s song Time After Time–great song and Courtney of course does awesome. There’s video for this as well.

Episode 21: Double Guitars with Courtney

Courtney started doing this thing on the guitar and I started playing along, sounded something like this. This is during my recent stay at Portland, OR for the International Barbershop Competition. LOVE getting together with family and doing great music. This might not be great, just fun. But more to come. Hope you can see the video.

Episode 19: E Minor Piano Ditties, Love at Home, and Forces We Don’t Understand

Luna For this episode, I take Luna on a walk.

Oh, and I play a couple of piano ditties I wrote, and a recording of “Love At Home” sung by my daughter, and we talk about Forces. Like gravity and strong and weak nuclear forces and magnetic and electromagnetic forces, and how while we know pretty well what they do, we still don’t really understand HOW they do it.

I think it all goes together quite nicely. See if you think so.

Episode 18: The Force that Makes Your Garden Grow

Leonard Bernstein Today a ditty I like to play on the piano, thoughts on force, and an a cappella arrangement of “Make Our Garden Grow”, written by Richard Wilbur (text) and Leonard Bernstein (music). This arrangement is by Jay Giallombardo, and the recording (for my chorus to learn the song from) is by Ben McDaniel.

I cannot stop singing this song in my head, last couple days.