Ahem…uh, while we’re waiting…

…for a real episode, here’s a spontaneous recording of So Fine, an old Sibling Revelry classic, and one of the first songs I wrote, in a different feel than the original, which only exists on our first album, which was a tape, and which is a little hard to come by.  Enjoy!

Episode 6.5: Aural Excitement!

It’s been a little while but it’s good to be back! This is another in-between episode where I basically play some neat music while playing with a toy I’m borrowing from the custodial manager guy I know from work called an Aural Exciter. I forgot to mention that plugin versions of exiters exist, some of them free (the free ones don’t sound as good as this hardware one, however–the non-free ones probably sound quite good, including one I’ve demo-ed, “Character”, by TC Electronics.) I also play a new recording of one of my songs. Enjoy!

Episode 9: Bob Walkenhorst

Bob Walkenhorst Very happy to put this episode back up after some drama with A-p-p-1-e over copyright concerns. It’s one of my favorites! I recognized Bob Walkenhorst, front man of The Rainmakers, as a true talent the first time I heard him at a coffee shop with my uncle here in Kansas City where he’s from. Don’t let that throw you, though–he’s had a successful rock career with several albums, touring, the whole bit, and his old group is back together! Here’s my talk with him with of course some of his music.

Episode 6.85: Tape Saturation

Me playing with a cassette tape deck, seeing what it does to the sound to overdrive it.  Some of the distortion is from overdriving the input, probably, and some from analog tape saturation.  Either way, it sounds coooool!  I explain what’s going on in dumb-person terms.

I really do have some real podcast episodes coming up.

Episode 7: R Ahrens

Ahrens Band CD: Smile R Ahrens, currently a family man and an attorney living in New Jersey, had a band in college called the Ahrens Band. As it turns out, he’s the brother of my wife’s former missionary companion, so I feel we’re pretty close. Seriously, we’ve enjoyed his CD for many years and I regard him as a great songwriter. And very funny. See if you hear what I hear.

Episode 3.5: Musical Interlude (Itsy Bitsy, If You’re Scared, and random guitar)

In between episodes sometimes I’d like to do what I’ve done here–post some music I or maybe Skye or somebody has done recently that’s neat, even if it isn’t a complete, polished recording. Here are a couple of kids’ songs I tailored for Halloween this year (sang them at a neighborhood Halloween party)–Itsy Bitsy Spider and If You’re Scared and You Know It. Also a cool thing on guitar in Open D tuning, and another guitar/voice thing I’ve meant to turn into a song. Enjoy, and tune in next time for InsideOut A Cappella Part 2!