Episode 40: Lisa Arrington

Lisa Arrington This lady is what the Should Be Famous Podcast was born for. Chances are you’ve never heard of her, but, to me at least, she’s amazing. Enjoy!

For your reference this music is on a CD entitled Farewell to Nauvoo, by Fiddlesticks! with Lisa Arrington.

Episode 39: FAQ

Frequently asked questions of the Should Be Famous Podcast.


no, spend time with them You don’t know how big this is.

Folks, after years of study, I can finally tell you exactly why gravity and acceleration are one and the same thing, a hunch I’ve had this whole time but haven’t been able to quite explain, until now. Well, this was recorded in 2015, but anyway…

The thing is, there is no gravity. Gravity is just acceleration, caused by the curve in space-time that mass “creates” and the fact that we are being interrupted from our natural path of free fall (or geodesic, Einstein’s term), by the surface of the earth.

Einstein had it right, and it’s a little puzzling why his theory of gravity hasn’t been universally accepted and others dumped, even though his explains most perfectly the phenomena we experience. Really puzzling. But I think it has to do with the difficulty of wrapping one’s mind around the difference between acceleration as a deviation from a straight, Euclidian line (one that doesn’t exist in the real world, but one we keep imagining), and acceleration as a deviation from the REAL straight line in space-time, which is “curved”–the natural path of free fall, or geodesic.

I’m telling you this is important!

Episode 37: Banjo and Kid Behavior Secret

no, spend time with them Tune in for the secret to evoking angel behavior from your children, really! I know you don’t believe me but you’ll see. Also a little banjo and tummy thumping. Enjoy!

Episode 36: How Airplanes REALLY Fly

4 Real Forces No, this is not really about the cute graphic I put on the blog, it’s about correcting an unfortunate misguided explanation for how airplanes fly that seems to have been repeated over and over through the years. That explanation is that it all comes down to Bernoulli’s principle, where if a fluid (like air) travels faster over one side of a surface (like the curved top of a wing), the pressure on that surface will be decreased as compared to, say, the bottom… oh never mind, you can just listen. You’re welcome for setting things straight and hope you enjoy that and the music!

Episode 34: Pixton Family Song 2014

Get the full story of how this really fun song came to be, and discover some surprising origins. Be sure to watch the video below too (on shouldbefamous.com).

Episode 31: Day after Christmas

Christmas Tree I’m a little afraid I’m crossing borders here–talking about mens and womens roles and things that aren’t politically correct. Nothing bad, just potentially controversial. Feel free to tell me if I just lost you. Hopefully not, though. Plus some nice Christmas music.

Episode 30: Go Girl!, Go Girl!, and Go Girl!

Daddy Daughter Dance Photo That song I played last time backwards and forwards sped up–did I successfully create a desire for you to hear it regular? Well if so then you are triple-lucky, because you get to hear it THREE TIMES! Forward at regular speed! One produced up, one just guitar and vocals, and one guitar and piano! Tell me what you think! And enjoy!

Episode 29: Go Girl! and Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith portrait I tell you, if you listen, that they have nothing to do with each other!  I know. But they’re both worthy of the podcast and they both should be famous.  The song because it’s just good and Joseph Smith because, prophet or fraud, he has influenced history greatly and as I like to go to the source for things, here’s a little from his own account.

(More here if you want.) Hope you enjoy!

Episode 28: 40th Birthday, Elder, Bonds and Equality

Clay and Skye at 40th B-Day Well folks I just turned 40 and my only rumination about that is that it’s nothing.

More important are a few thoughts I had about being an Elders Quorum President, some thoughts from Terry Warner from the preface of his book Bonds that Make Us Free, and how we might falsely consider that we’re either better than others or not as good, when in reality, as Aunt Eller from Oklahoma says, “I don’t say I’m better than anybody else, but I’ll be [danged] if I ain’t just as good.”

I did have a very fun big birthday bash, thanks to my wife, who arranged a big surprise birthday party in the form of a concert where I turned out to be the performer along with my sister Skye who secretly had flown into town. You see the pictures and when you listen, you hear some of the music. Enjoy.