no, spend time with them You don’t know how big this is.

Folks, after years of study, I can finally tell you exactly why gravity and acceleration are one and the same thing, a hunch I’ve had this whole time but haven’t been able to quite explain, until now. Well, this was recorded in 2015, but anyway…

The thing is, there is no gravity. Gravity is just acceleration, caused by the curve in space-time that mass “creates” and the fact that we are being interrupted from our natural path of free fall (or geodesic, Einstein’s term), by the surface of the earth.

Einstein had it right, and it’s a little puzzling why his theory of gravity hasn’t been universally accepted and others dumped, even though his explains most perfectly the phenomena we experience. Really puzzling. But I think it has to do with the difficulty of wrapping one’s mind around the difference between acceleration as a deviation from a straight, Euclidian line (one that doesn’t exist in the real world, but one we keep imagining), and acceleration as a deviation from the REAL straight line in space-time, which is “curved”–the natural path of free fall, or geodesic.

I’m telling you this is important!

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