Episode 8: Fiddlesticks!

Fiddlesticks No, I’m not mad. I’m talking about the celtic-american-folk family group. I spoke with Dad Marco and one of the three daughters, Liz. Very interesting family and they’ve done some great things musically. And they’re actually pretty good about getting their music out there (unlike some people I know). Listen to this stuff. If you like, go to www.fiddle-sticks.com. They’re also on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Deseret Book.At the very end that’s me imitating a song of theirs on piano.

2 Replies to “Episode 8: Fiddlesticks!”

  1. Huge Fan! thanks a bunch! I found fiddlesticks around the same time I first heard your Hymns Anew, I enjoyed the early rendition of some of the hymns, very nice from both you and them.

  2. Great episode – having the pleasure of watching this family grow to become the musicians they are today has been a unique experience. We who have known them already consider them “famous”. Looking forward to exciting things from this group in the future. This was a great way to reminiesce on a Saturday afternoon with lovely music in the background of a nice interview.

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