Episode 8.5:

Very possibly our most controversial and divisive podcast yet, we explore what to some (if there are any others like me) is beautiful and cool and to others may be absolutely hideous garbage: music played backwards and/or sped up just for the fun of it.

I specifically request your opinion on this one, so please leave a comment! And don’t just respond if you agree with me! My wife will be your friend if you don’t. (I will too, I promise.)

4 Replies to “Episode 8.5:

  1. So I have to say, I didn’t like the first song so much. A little too high voice chipmunky for me. But the second song you did, “let us oft speak kind words” backwards, totally gave me the chills. Don’t know what it is, maybe a totally unique melody, or maybe my brain recognizes it as the mirror of something it’s heard, don’t know. But I really like it. I wonder if you could just take all the songs you’ve loved, now gone stale, and reverse them for a new freshness! Hmmm

    Though I love it, I played one of the backwards song for one of my coworkers and they had no clue what was so great about it and just thought it was bizarre. To each his own and thank goodness we’re all a little different.

    When do we get a cd of all your songs going backwards?:)

  2. My natural curiosity has always led to me to “dissect” things, either literally or figuratively. Having grown up with with a stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder, I enjoyed the new universes opened to me by reverse threading the machine and/or altering the playback speed. I even managed to record a short song figuring out how to speak the words backwards, so that when played backwards became intelligible English. (The trickier part was learning to play the beat of the song backwards.) So, yes, I find your podcast keenly interesting. I think this would fall into the same category as anyone who has ever experimented with a photo editor and played with the filters to change the colors, reverse the colors, or otherwise tweak an image just to see what would happen.

    We as a people often fear what is foreign, so I can understand Amy’s point of view on this also. It is disturbing to see (or hear) something in a different form other than the one we are familiar with. Some people are appalled at seeing themselves in a funhouse mirror where they appear fat. Others think it’s very entertaining. The “grotesque”movement in the art world caused quite a stir when things were given unnatural portrayals. Even the pope dismissed Michelangelo’s art of this form. What some may find beautiful, others find hideous. (Musically I find most things written in the Afterglow/Janice Kapp Perry-style hideous.)


  3. Well, that was really fun for me to hear myself singing backward. It was like hearing my own voice for the first time (ever done a painting and then looked at it in the mirror? It helps cleanse your mental palette so you can see, for a moment, what it looks like to others – and helps you fix mistakes you might not see otherwise. Anyway, it was like that).

    I really love listening to most of these things backward. It changes the melody to something that reminds me of something celtic or from middle-earth (yes, I just made a reference to Lord of the Rings. Forgive me.) (Or maybe the celtic thing is because I just listened to the Fiddlesticks ‘cast). In any case, I do love the freshness of it, and it makes me want to use backward melodies to write songs, for a different, more haunting feel.

    I don’t, personally, love the sped-up-ness of them. I don’t mind it on some, like the Walkenhorst stuff sounded good sped-up to me. But I think a) I have a really hard time listening to sped-up vocals without all the negative chipmunk associations tainting it, and b) for some songs it’s moving too fast to really catch the changes and grab onto a melody. The backward thing is so beautiful because it does things with melodies that are unusual, and thus take a few more seconds for my brain to process.

    just me…

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