Episode 7: R Ahrens

Ahrens Band CD: Smile R Ahrens, currently a family man and an attorney living in New Jersey, had a band in college called the Ahrens Band. As it turns out, he’s the brother of my wife’s former missionary companion, so I feel we’re pretty close. Seriously, we’ve enjoyed his CD for many years and I regard him as a great songwriter. And very funny. See if you hear what I hear.

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  1. I loved this band! My sister bought their CD in college and my whole family memorized all the songs. Is there any way I could buy or acquire the CD now?

  2. Ron is a good friend of mine here in North Jersey. He performed the “Can Ronny come out to play” tune last night at our church talent show. He continues with the same wonderful talent and humility. He has a beautiful and caring wife and wonderful children who he clearly loves with all his heart. I feel blessed to know him, his family, and, his music!

    Ron told me of this website last night. Great stuff! Thanks for your work on sharing unknown talent.

  3. We think our high councilman rocks. Who knew? I feel a concert at youth conference 2010 coming on . . .

  4. Wow. I knew you were going to do a podcast on these guys, but hadn’t heard their music before. I love it! I feel like it was sort of before its time. They sound like all the popular indy bands now. I’m also curious to know if one can still get their CD or recordings.

  5. I’ve missed the Ahrens band so much! I had their CD when I was at BYU – unfortunately, it has gone missing. Is there anyway I can purchase another one?

  6. Got the honor of knowing this band at BYU … claim to fame is when Ron and the band came to our student digs when my parents came for graduation. The concert we got was THE BEST! Love the PB&J song. Actually also really love the “Santa Claus” song that unfortunately was held in reserve for an elusive 2nd CD.

    Still waiting for that … hmmm 🙂

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