Episode 30: Go Girl!, Go Girl!, and Go Girl!

Daddy Daughter Dance Photo That song I played last time backwards and forwards sped up–did I successfully create a desire for you to hear it regular? Well if so then you are triple-lucky, because you get to hear it THREE TIMES! Forward at regular speed! One produced up, one just guitar and vocals, and one guitar and piano! Tell me what you think! And enjoy!

Episode 29: Go Girl! and Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith portrait I tell you, if you listen, that they have nothing to do with each other!  I know. But they’re both worthy of the podcast and they both should be famous.  The song because it’s just good and Joseph Smith because, prophet or fraud, he has influenced history greatly and as I like to go to the source for things, here’s a little from his own account.

(More here if you want.) Hope you enjoy!