Episode 26: Terry Warner and Neat Kid Music

gyroscope operation The Long awaited time has come to introduce you to the thoughts of a phenomenon of a remarkable man and thinker, Terry Warner (aka C Terry Warner), who has pioneered thought into the causes of what I’ll call maladaptive behavior, namely self-deception, which happens as an effect of, or really is an integral part of, self-justification. Just an intro here but I intend to speak more on it in the future.

My neat music for this episode comes from a project I’ve been wanting to complete for a while and which I finally have, which is a collection of family music that will make great bedtime music for kids, which I’ve distributed on CD’s to all the kids in my family–I mean my siblings and their kids. Most of this music is unpublished anywhere else, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment!