Talk to Me

Greetings, listeners of the Should Be Famous Podcast. It’s been TOO LONG since the last podcast, and I miss it deeply.

But I have an idea: I’d like to begin a new thing we’ll do periodically, where we talk about what YOU like.

So this time I want to know, what is the first CD (or tape, vinyl record, wax cylinder, MP3, whatever) you bought, and why. That’s it.

Please leave a comment and we’ll turn some of it into audio that others can hear. I look forward to hearing your replies, thanks for your participation!!


2 Replies to “Talk to Me”

  1. I remember the first one I officially purchased. It was a family fun night, columbia records club, I bought Barry Manilow, My sister bought The soundtrack to the Muppet Show, Dad bought Chicago, and mom got a peter, paul and mary.

  2. Cool, zionsuburb. Now what was one of your favorites from that Barry Manilow CD, so I can play a piece on a show, and do you know anything about your sisters’ and parents’ faves from their selections?

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